What is RobboCoach? And how does it address this need?

With the Robbocoach application based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) this gap will be filled, allowing you to bring together coaches, psychologists and therapists in different specialties directly to a large number of targeted clients who have different training needs. This analysis of areas of opportunity will determine the profile of the clients using coaching techniques and tools.

The beauty of RobboCoach is that the app already has existing partnerships including universities and colleges! As you can see below !


Currently, you can purchase RBC tokens on several exchanges, here is a list of some of them:

– Waves
– Crex 24

The RBC will be used within the RobboCoach app, the client will be able to spend this token for the Smart Contract with his coach which will guarantee that no fraud or dissatisfaction is possible so that none of the parties are left out.

To learn more about the app development, Smart contracts, and reward system please read our whitepaper.

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